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                China · Kang Wei electronics co., LTD. Was established in yueqing city. In this piece of industrial infrastructure complete, perfect fertile land, industrial supporting system under the local government's strong support and help, after years of sustained development, Kang Wei company stand out from the same industry.

                Kang Wei company specializing in the production of terminal blocks series: screw type PCB terminals spring type PCB terminals fence type PCB terminals plug type PCB terminals SAK/JXB conveyor type terminals UK rail type terminals JF5 guide rail type terminal terminal guide of JH series combination type spring terminal TD guide type terminals TK guide rail type terminal Stationary terminals IN series connection terminal Wire connector, cold-press terminal, etc., wall switch Wall type wireless router wall type USB charger television network set-top box air purifier and so on.

                Effective brand strategy

                Through long-term continuous integrated marketing communications, rich sense of responsibility and credibility of the corporate image of the social public recognition and praise, brand image, brand awareness and reputation rising.

                Strong marketing network

                Kang Wei company uphold the "integrity", "duty" the management idea, various provinces and cities across the country set up a huge marketing network, the series of products have tens of thousands of retail terminal, at the urban and rural areas throughout the vast market. Long-term, stable relations of cooperation and common development makes the whole network has a strong cohesion. With rich experience and professional marketing team, to give timely and effective training and support for network member, greatly improving the competitiveness of the whole marketing network.

                Kang Wei uphold the business philosophy of integrity, duty, take honestly as this, keep the common heart, specialization, provide consumers with quality products and services; To create a harmonious, mutual respect for employees working environment; For business partners to provide fair and reasonable, reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation platform; Put shareholders to have higher than social average return on equity; And warm-hearted public welfare undertakings for society, for the country to act as corporate responsibility and obligation. Future, Kang Wei company will persist in the maintenance of the brand reputation, based on the advantage of excellent quality, perfect service, continuously consolidate and strengthen the domestic market, and try to into the international market, gradually build a healthier and more modern enterprise for a long time.

                Address: zhejiang yueqing weng sea island industrial zone tel:86-0577-62900900 62900999    浙ICP備05011281號-3

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